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Association Offering

Building Awareness

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Functions & Attributes of the Association

Association Structure

What’s been
already done?

A completely new brand identity has been created to enable the promotion of the LBA and the attraction of Lee on the Solent as a whole.


With a strong consistent message across its social media channels, printed matter and online presence.

Building Connecting
Engaging Supporting
Collaborating Respecting
Ambitious Rewarding

Defined Constitution
Mission & vision Statement
Enthusiastic & focused committee

Annual Meeting schedule for Members

Regular Committee meetings

The website has been developed where the LBA members get an enhanced directory entry as part of their membership package.

This is also supported by the delivery of a promotional video that has been widely used on social media that shows many attributes of what the business community can offer to its residents and visitors.


Our Vision 

©2020 -  Lee Business Association 

Build an association, which will reach out and attract all businesses in Lee on the Solent and surrounding local area.

It’s important that our visitors are fully aware of the shopping and retail environment plus the other businesses that Lee on the Solent has to offer.

Like others, become a member of our association as together it will be easier!


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